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You have reached the digital universe of Soloedition´23. You will find unknown treasures and leftovers from research processes that have been going on for months. This is a space for all the puzzle pieces that where not shown on stage. A space for finding texts, literature, images, videos and audio files, going hand in hand with the solos of ander ballarin, Jovana Petrovska, Leonie Stöckle and Emma Stacey. You will find puzzle pieces of two special guests: Giada Peli and Chandana Phadkule. We encourage you to dive deep.

Leonie Stöckle

ovo - the future is

Giada Peli

Emma Stacey

Imprinting Knuckles

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the sweetness of dreams dreamt during the day, the gentle nudging, inviting you to visit the warm escape
what happens when the lure of the fantasies is too strong?

A collision of the real and the fantastical world, who remains in control?

what comes after?

dreamscape is a short dance film conceptualized by chandana phadkule, 

ex-student of ZZT in space but a part of BA. 4th year students in spirit

this project is a special collaboration that materialized by a creative, inspiring 3 weeks spent in a coastal town of Goa, South India.

dreamers of this project -

chandana phadkule; choreography and performance
darren d'souza; original music score
naihan nath; cinematography
kirtana chouthoy; shoot site courtesy

Chandana Phadkule

kann man sich an etwas erinnern, was nie passiert ist? vielleicht sind Träume genau das, Erinnerungen an das Niemals.

Sehnsucht nach Orten, an denen man noch nie war.

Wörter von Leonie Stöckle


  • "Wie wir Menschen die Welt eroberten" - Yuval Noah Harari

  • "Die leuchtende Republik" - Andrés Barba

...wo ich noch nie war...
Jovana Petrovska

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